Master Wei Lun Huang
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'Hsing Yi strikes like lightning, Ba Gua twists like a tornado, Tai Chi is like a great ocean - deep and calm but reserves immeasurable power'  

Master Wei Lun Huang


Master Wei Lun Huang passed away 

on Sunday July 24th 2016.


His work lives on in his numerous students worldwide.


Please, see the tribute to the Master,

by his students:



  • Teaching repertoire includes slow and fast Yang style Tai Chi, Hsing Yi, Ba Gua, Liu He Ba Fa, Chi Kung, Push Hands, sword, spear and martial applications.


  • Using his experience in recovering from a spinal cord injury, combined with his knowledge of the human body, Master Huang is known for his rehabilitation and conditioning skills.  He has helped students with a wide range of physical limitations and conditions. 


  • He is highly regarded for his teaching of energy work and self healing as well as for the powerful and explosive quality of his martial arts for those seeking a higher level of training.


  • Master Huang began his studies of internal arts as a child and has been teaching for more than 35 years.


 "Widely regarded as one of America's most skilled practitioners of the internal arts, Master Huang leads inspiring workshops that will raise your practice to a new level"





                            Lou Tzi Ling, student of Yang Cheng Fu                Liao Fo Hai - Master Huang's Qi Gong Teacher

                          - Master Huang's Tai Chi Teacher

Master Wei Lun Huang Internal Martial Arts
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