The Soul of Tai Chi 2012

By Kathryn Young 2012

(Written to be sung to the tune of the classic French children’s song “Fre’re Jaques (Brother John)”

We are stretching
on the park bench
in the trees
with the bees
Master Huang is leading
Everyone is breathing
Yes, indeed
Relaxing deep

We are stretching
We are breathing
through the ears
into bones
Removing all obstructions
Clearing all the channels
bright and clean
Tai Chi Qong

We are singing
Dragon Singing
up and down
in and out
Resonating sound waves
skull and spine resounding

Navel breathing
Fish are leaping
Tai Chi Soul
Tai Chi Fish Bowl
Yin and Yang reversing
Everyone rehearsing
Tai Chi Soul
Here we go!

Navel breathing
Fetal teaching
Eyes...and Spheres
Ears...and Nose
Perfecting it together
Embryonic breathing
Preborn babe
Reversing age

13 Postures
5 Directions
8 are Powers
Deep in Bones
Living forms and treasures
Bringing us together
Water and Flame
Yin and Yang

Clearing Threads
until we’re Threadbare
Center thread to Posture,
Disappear..., then next step
Yin...then Yang...
Yang...then Yin...

Tree Qigong
Being Strong
Like a Tree me
Blending with the tree and limbs
Isn’t it like Heaven?
Roots be Strong!
(Tai Chi Qong)
Tree Chi Qong

Threading Pearl
with Great Precision
Flowing Chi
all through the Form
Pituitary waterfall
flowing down the body
into Depths...
Ocean Floor

Wakulla magic
Stretching, breathing,
Tai Chi Form
Tai Chi Qong
Isn’t it Delicious?
How could we resist it?

Just one week
but oh, so sweet
So much to know
Food for Soul
Seeds of Transformation
Quickening the Spirit
Tai Chi Soul
Tai Chi Grow