Master Wei Lun Huang 2012 Internal Arts Seminars

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Dear Students and Friends,

 Happy Chinese New Year,  this is the year of the Dragon!

" The Soul of Tai Chi " and " The Spirit of Liu He Ba Fa " were both a great success at last year's Wakulla Springs Seminar. 

During the Tai Chi Camp, we learned the importance of aligning and connecting the three Dan Tians, assisting the joining together of the nervous system, internal organs and bone structure into a coherent whole, and how this, in turn, affects our spirit, emotions and physical well-being. We also studied the use of the " Yin Yang " symbol in guiding our Tai Chi practice and developing a better relationship within ourselves and with the outside world.

 The second week, " The Spirit of Liu He Ba Fa " was like a grand tour through the 64 beautiful scenic points to experience how the energy develops in the human body on many different levels. You can spend hours in each scenic point to fully explore its beauty and potential. And, as you are all aware, we have only scratched the surface.

 Since there is so much more to explore in these two seminars, I feel that I have no choice - we must do it again!

" The Soul of Tai Chi" will be held Oct 21-28  and  " The Spirit of Liu He Ba Fa" will be held Oct 28-Nov 4

 Thank you all from depth of my heart !


 Master Wei Lun Huang

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Additional Seminar Information


Location: Wakulla Springs Lodge

Wakulla Springs, FL (12 miles south of Tallahassee)

Rooms: Double and Single Occupancy. You may state your roommate preference.

Meals: Menu choice of meals.

Payments: $100 non-refundable deposit. Final payment is due September 1, 2010. Checks made payable to Master Wei Lun Huang. (No multiple payments please) *

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations prior to September 1 will be refunded less $100. Cancellations between September 2 and October 1 receive 50%. No refunds after October 2.

* Fees cover training, food, and lodging and shuttle to/from Tallahassee Airport


Master Wei Lun Huang 305.663.0935

4405 SW 64th Court Miami, FL 33155 -