Master Wei Lun Huang 2013 Internal Arts Seminars

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Dear Friends and Students,

Warm greetings!

The year of the snake is a new beginning of my life.
Every sixty years in Chinese starts another cycle. In preparation of this rebirth, I have had to overcome many different obstacles as I continue to heal and improve myself physically, emotionally and spiritually. It has given me an in-depth look into my entire practice. And I want to share these experiences with all of you. 
During the first week of our annual gathering in Wakulla Springs, we will review the Soul of Taiji and explore the principles of Taiiji Push Hands. The solo practice of Taiji form enables you to know yourself. To know your opponent, you have to practice and understand the principles of Taiji Push Hands, which is one of the best ways to connect your energy and physical body to the outside world. Completing this energy circuit reveals how Taiji works as a martial art, deepening your understanding of the practice. As a result of Push Hands training, your individual practice will be improved significantly. 
The second week of the seminar we will study Ba Gua Eight Animal Qigong and Golden Lotus Qigong. These two Qigong practices combined will optimize your physical condition and enhance your martial arts ability.
The Ba Gua Eight Animal Qigong includes the lion, rhinoceros, dragon, phoenix, rooster, snake, monkey and bear. Each animal represents a different quality that when developed together will give you power, stability, mystique, balance, flexibility, agility and solidity. This dynamic practice contains holding posture, shaking, stepping and neck exercises.
Through The Golden Lotus Qigong we open the body allowing a strong and consistent current of energy flow through our whole system . This fifteen-movement practice will rejuvenate and heighten your sense of well being. 
These two Qigong together is one of the best way to improve your body conditions and enhance the martial arts ability into the ultimate health. I always feel there are unlimited potential to practice these treasures.
I trust that you will find these seminars inspiring and beneficial.
Training will take place from October 20 through November 2 at the Wakulla Springs Lodge,  550 Wakulla Park Drive, Wakulla Springs Florida.
Space is limited, so please reserve now your enrollment with a $100 non-refundable deposit. Final payment is due September 20, 2013. 
For registration and more information, please visit


Master Wei Lun Huang

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The first week Oct. 20 - Oct.  26 : The Soul of Taiji and Push Hands .

The second week Oct.  27 - Nov.  2nd : Ba Gua Animal Qigong and Golden Lotus Qigong.

Fees for each seminar:
Includes meals and room
Single occupancy: $ 1870 each
Double occupancy: $ 1270 each

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Additional Seminar Information


Location: Wakulla Springs Lodge

Wakulla Springs, FL (12 miles south of Tallahassee)

Rooms: Double and Single Occupancy. You may state your roommate preference.

Meals: Menu choice of meals.

Payments: $100 non-refundable deposit. Final payment is due September 1, 2010. Checks made payable to Master Wei Lun Huang. (No multiple payments please) *

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations prior to September 1 will be refunded less $100. Cancellations between September 2 and October 1 receive 50%. No refunds after October 2.

* Fees cover training, food, and lodging and shuttle to/from Tallahassee Airport


Master Wei Lun Huang 305.663.0935

4405 SW 64th Court Miami, FL 33155 -