Master Wei Lun Huang 2014 Internal Arts Seminars

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Wakulla 2014

Dear Friends and Students ,
Greetings from The Year of The Horse!

At the end of last year, I had an opportunity to sail in the cruise ship Volendam of Holland America for about a month in Asia, teaching one or two Tai Chi classes daily, visiting Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and Hong Kong ... Some of the places I had never visited before and I had a wonderful time.

In the ship, I faced people from all over of the world who had different backgrounds and ages. They were interested and wanted to know how Tai Chi can be beneficial for them.

It is impossible to give someone a full concept about TC in a short period of time but only a simple introduction so they can start somewhere . With that in my mind, I had to question myself about what is the most important so individuals can develop an understanding of internal energy work.

And so '' The Soul of Internal Arts '' as a theme or the Wakulla Springs Seminars slowly formed in my mind. I felt that definitely it was a task to examine my life-time practice of martial arts and energy work up to this point, and draw a conclusion to answer the simple question: '' How and what thing works or doesn't work ''. I felt I had to answer this from the martial perspective to general well being, health, injury, healing, aging, and from physical to spiritual. I'm sure it will open the door to everyone who is interested to gain the knowledge to expand the vision in their practice and improve the quality of life .

The Yin Yang concept as captured in the Tai Chi symbol is one of the most simple but vivid and accurate ways of demonstrating the flow of  the universal energy. To grasp this concept is as if you can get enlightenment in the internal energy work. It will thread a light through all your efforts whatever you did in the past and clear up a lot of mysteries. Because this idea is like a big open secret, every body can talk about it but few understand. If you truly understand this concept and apply it to whatever you were doing, it doesn't matter what style or energy work you did; you will put the soul back in your whole practice.

In this Seminar, I will fully explore this concept through   the visible body movement and unseen energy flow so you can see how this works together throughout all our practice .

In the second week, I will continue to work on Tai Chi pushing hands.

All your Tai Chi skills will be put to the test in pushing hands. I will explain in many different   situations what you need to do and how to do it so you can understand and train for the right quality. You are always welcome to have questions for me and seek answers.

There are many levels in pushing hands. If you know the idea and the way to practice, you can always work with anybody in different levels but still grow in both ways. This is not just competitive but  more like helping each other to gain the sense of fighting intention without getting killed or injured in the first place. That is why Tai Chi pushing hands   developed as a very special and  important part in martial art training. Also the killing power can be changed into healing power by the same token. Once you truly understand this, you learn the full power of Tai Chi is not just intended to kill but rather to heal. So that will ultimately lead you both into the path of longevity .

All levels are welcome to both seminars , Space are limited reserve early !!!

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"The soul of Internal arts" :                   Oct. 19 - 26 , 2014
"The soul of Tai Chi Pushing Hands":   Oct. 26 - Nov. 2, 2014

Fees include room & board :
Single occupancy $ 1895 each
Double occupancy $ 1295 each  

Deposit: $100 (non-refundable)  Final payment: end of September

Location :Wakulla Springs Lodge Tallahassee Fl , US

Master Wei Lun Huang
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Additional Seminar Information


Location: Wakulla Springs Lodge

Wakulla Springs, FL (12 miles south of Tallahassee)

Rooms: Double and Single Occupancy. You may state your roommate preference.

Meals: Menu choice of meals.

Payments: $100 non-refundable deposit. Final payment is due September 1, 2010. Checks made payable to Master Wei Lun Huang. (No multiple payments please) *

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations prior to September 1 will be refunded less $100. Cancellations between September 2 and October 1 receive 50%. No refunds after October 2.

* Fees cover training, food, and lodging and shuttle to/from Tallahassee Airport


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